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Dr. Ludy Greenís introduction to the battered womenís movement took place when she volunteered in a shelter in Washington, D.C. many years ago. She immediately saw the need to assist victims of abuse and trafficking by placing them in the workforce--her theory being that financial independence would fulcrum these women away from their abusers, by providing them with the necessary skills to earn a living.

Under the careful guidance of Dr. Green, Second Chance Employment Services has assisted women by outfitting them with new clothing, training and the commensurate confidence with which to interview for and hold a job. This concept of establishing employment for victims of abuse and trafficking is a solution oriented step in overcoming abuse.

Along the way, Dr. Green tapped a nerve--engaging politicians, CEOs of large corporations, Congress and the United Nations to acknowledge and embrace her vision. In 2013, she was instrumental in providing some new language for the updated Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

Through employment a woman can gain her independence, her well being and her dignity to ultimately distance herself from her abuser. Dr. Greenís book is a road map for this journey.

Learning to Live Without Violence
A Handbook for Men ~ Used by counselors and therapists across the country...especially for the court-ordered perpetrator
Family and Friends Guide to Domestic Violence
How to Listen, Talk and Take Action When Someone You Care About is Being Abused ~ Received a 'starred-review from Library Journal for core material on the subject of domestic violence
Surviving Domestic Violence
Voices of Women Who Broke Free ~ Received a 'starred-review from Library Journal for core material on the subject of domestic violence ~ Used by universities across the country for Social Work required reading
Ending Domestic Violence Captivity
A Guide to Economic Freedom

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